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Deco Green Live Work - Lake Worth, FL

Project Location: Lakeworth, Florida

Project Type: Mixed-use. The project located on 2.5 acres along the west side of Dixie Highway between 18th and 19th streets was designed to inspire artists and others who may want to live in a community focused on art and a Florida Bohemian flare for life. Designed to evoke the more festive
feel of Miami and South beach. The buildings are modestly adorned with prime colors of an artist paint palette, red, yellow and blue painted onto the bright with canvas of the stucco buildings providing a powerful iconic design with an impact on the street view, making the project stand out from all the rest. This color scheme is a playful expression of the “Primary Colors” simultaneously pointing towards Miami’s historic Art Deco District’s colorizations of the South Beach buildings. This unique Architecture is influenced by many styles besides Art Deco such as the International, and Constructivist architecture seen
all around South Florida along with the simplicities of the European Bauhaus style. This architectural design could initiate a style that will help identify Lake Worth architecture similar to what Arquitectonica’s
Brickell Ave. condominium buildings on Miami’s Biscayne Bay in the 1980’s (made famous by “Miami Vice” and “Scare Face”) as well as the South Beach Art Deco buildings on Collin’s Ave. from the 1920’s and 30’s. The site was designed placing two mirrored 3 story mixed use building placed perpendicular to Dixie Highway with the Larger Residential 5 story building set back along the rear property line to create a grand public park for the commune of artists and patrons
during art, music and food festivals as well as passive moments with small groups of artists discussing their passions in the beautiful “Compo” under the shade of the palms creating a genuine Bohemian Vibe of the community that will draw folks to the retail and artist’s
studios surrounding it.

Total Project SF: 67,870 SF

Total Retail SF: 6,440 SF / 12 units

Total Residential SF: 61,430 SF / 75 unit

Year Started: 2019

Architect of Record: Martin Architectural Group

Designing Architect: Dominick Ranieri Architect, PC

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