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Blue Marilla - Fort Pierce, FL

Project Location: Fort Pierce, Florida

Project Type: Mixed-use.

Blue Marilla was designed to be a +/- 92,000 gross SF mixed-use development,4- 5 stories, with public parking along the Fisherman’s Wharf and connecting to the existing Marina. Blue Marilla will create a vibrant, active place, and a Destination location with attractions such as the marina, boat launch, boardwalk, promenade to old town, observation tower, new and existing restaurants, and Warf side marketplace designed for local businesses to flourish. The community is designed to:

•Integrate short term stay residential units as well as long term stay for a 24/7/365 community.

•Promenade and boardwalk has shade trees and lush tropical plantings as well as Awnings and other areas for public activities.

•An observation tower available to the public which acts as a focal point from the River as well as an opportunity for a public transportation use for a Water Taxi dock and access point further tying the Warf and boardwalk market to the region as a water destination.

•A boardwalk to the town’s existing pedestrian bike friendly promenade along the river connecting Fisherman’s Warf to other areas of Ft. Piece.

•All main residential and retail spaces face the marina.

Year Started: 2021

Site Plan rendering by Andres Montero. Design Collaboration with The Martin Architectural Group.

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